Whether you are starting up a new shop, want a redesign of your existing signage, or need pavement signs, we are happy to help.

To maximise your potential, retail and commercial premises need a professional, unique and eyecatching shop front. Digital Creations works closely with their clients to ensure this happens. We utilise various materials to suit your budget and design, from foamboard to aluminium composite, we are happy to undertake a free, no obligation site survey to advise you. We also supply and fit laser cut letters and logos, please take a look here.

We have extensive design experience, but we are equally happy to work closely with your own graphic designer, whether you use our design service or not, your sign will be built to an extremely high standard and to your specification.

We also supply and fit laser cut letters and logos, please take a look here.

What is the best material for my sign?


Fluted Board

Fluted board is a sheet material, which consists of a corrugated layer of plastic bound by two flat sheets. It is both lightweight & economical.

Pros – Waterproof, lightweight, economical, easily fixed to post & boards.

Cons – Can become brittle if exposed to the elements for prolonged periods.

Ideal for – Temporary signs, election boards, show adverts.

Life span – months


Foam Board

Despite its name, Foam Board is not soft & squishy. It is more like a solid plastic sheet, as it’s made out of compressed PVC foam.

Pros – inexpensive, strong, more durable than fluted board, waterproof.

Cons – can become brittle after a couple of years, can warp.

Ideal for – signage mounted to walls.

Life Span – 2 or 3 years.


Aluminium Composite

Aluminium Composite is a composite material which comprises a polyethylene core finished with thin, brushed aluminium sheets on either side. The aluminium is covered in a lacquer that allows it to be printed on.

Pros – lightweight, rigid, strong, durable in all weathers.

Cons – more expensive than fluted board and foamboard, can reveal a thin black edge.

Ideal for – long-term signage projects such as shop signs, A-Boards and traffic signs and long term signage projects.

Life span – 7+ years.